Attorneys & Frequent Filers

Self Represented Party
Attorneys and Frequent Filers seeking to electronically submit Civil Limited, Civil Unlimited (including Complex), Probate, Mental Health, and Small Claims filings in Orange County, California, select an ISD Corporation / Preferred Provider by clicking the link below.

Preferred Providers are attorney service companies offering a variety of services tailored for Attorneys, Firms, and high-volume filers. (find a preferred provider)

Self-Represented Litigants

Self Represented Party
If you are Self-Represented (you do not have an attorney), ISD Corporation and , or a Preferred Provider, will register you and assist with your Orange County Civil or Small Claims electronic court filing.

Call us at (888) 473-2677 x 110 toll-free and say I am Self-Represented or click below to select a Preferred Provider. (find a preferred provider)

Become a Preferred Provider

Self Represented Party
Experienced attorney service companies wishing to provide clients high-quality electronic filing products and services may become an ISD Corporation / Electronic Filing Preferred Provider.

Contact us at, call (888) 473-2677 x 126 toll-free, or click the following link for more information. (become a preferred provider)